What Spacers for 208M wheels?

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    Hi all

    Apologies if only in English.

    I have a set of 18" 208M (7.5" front 8" rear) wheels with 225/40/18 Winter tyres to put on my car this winter but I want a wider stance as my car is lowered on KW v2 suspension.

    Can anyone advise if it's possible to fit 12mm spacers front and rear without rubbing and if there are any pictures that you can post to show what is achievable?

    Also can you tell me what brand of spacers you have used e.g. Eibach, H&R etc.. Are you using hub-centric spacers as I hear you can only get these in 12mm and larger and smaller 10mm or less don't have the lip to centre the wheel?

    Any links where you purchased your spacers from?

    Many thanks
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    Schau mal hier: (hier klicken). Dort gibt es vieles für den 1er.

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What Spacers for 208M wheels?

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