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Diskutiere M135i Test drive im BMW M135i / M235i / M140i / M240i Forum im Bereich Informationen zum 1er und 2er F-Modell ab 2011; First of all, excuse my english, my german is quite bad so I decided to do this post in english in the hope that the post would make more sense...

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    First of all, excuse my english, my german is quite bad so I decided to do this post in english in the hope that the post would make more sense that way. I do not hope my english offend anyone in this german spoken forum.

    I come from Denmark and looking to buy my first car which i'm pretty sure going to be the M135i. However after endless calls to danish BMW dealers i've come to realize that no dealership in Denmark offer test-rides on the M135i - not even in the forthcoming feature.

    Considering that cars are really expensive in Denmark i would really like to test drive the car before buying.

    For that i have considered renting the car in Germany or trying it out at a german dealership. However after hours spent on germans webpages i have not been able to find anywhere where the M135i specific model is either available as a rental, or available for a test-drive for a danish citizen. This is excluding BMW-On-Demand that to my knowledge only is available in Münich, which is an almost an impossible journey for me to take without a car yet of my own.

    Therefore i sincerely ask for your help in advising me whether you can recomment a place that offers M135i as rentals or dealerships that offer test drives to other than german citizens.

    Thanks for your time, and again excuse my english.
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    Hatch (F20)
    Big Dealerspips For Example Hamburg ( Niederlassung) should be able to organize a car for a test drive

M135i Test drive

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