KW v2 Installed :-))

Diskutiere KW v2 Installed :-)) im Tuning E8x Forum im Bereich Informationen zum 1er E-Modell 2004-2013; Sorry only in English :roll: Just had my KW v2's installed today. The car now sits 35mm lower at the front and 15mm lower at the rear. The...

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    Sorry only in English :roll:

    Just had my KW v2's installed today.

    The car now sits 35mm lower at the front and 15mm lower at the rear. The visual effects of this certainly took some time to get used to. A side of me was saying WOW, that looks mighty aggressive and hardcore and another side (my maturer side) was saying it looks too slammed for someone of my age :wink:

    It was sitting a little higher when we played with the height at Motorscope but I think it's dropped around 5mm since the 25 mile drive home. The more I look now the more I'm warming to the current height.

    Now to the ride...... All I can say is WOW. My first drive, I wasn't sure what to expect as I've heard coilovers can be a tad uncompromisingly stiff but to my surprise, they ride extremely well! I have my adjustable rebound setting to the KW recommended setting, which is around half way between hard and soft, with the rear 2 clicks harder. Overall I would say the ride is firmer (obviously) but only by a very small margin and would say that the damping is far superior and in some cases feels more comfortable than the stock M Sport suspension which was a shock! :shock:

    Big test was to pick my kids up, who didn't know that I changed suspension and not one mention from them to say "Dad, the car is so bumpy!" when I took them for a slow short drive. So that's a big positive!

    Now to the handling and all I can say is WOW again!!! The car now corners like it's on rails. I made a good mental note when travelling to Motorscope of how the car was handling and ride and how much body roll there was when pushing into a fast corner and also around roundabouts.

    The car now just goes round corners which simply would have the std. M Sport suspension off the road! It really is that good with so little hint of body roll. Braking has improved with notably less diving under heavy braking.

    I would easily say that it's the best upgrade I've done to the 130i by far and would recommend the KW to anyone. Pricey, yes but you get utter quality. Early days I know and I will post a further review after I get some further miles on them. As you can tell I'm very happy so far! :D

    PS I also did the speed bump test and it passed :lol:

    Here are some pics I took today just so you can see the drop -






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KW v2 Installed :-))

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