120d 177hp laggs when accelerating!

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    Kresimir 1er-Interessent(in)

    Dabei seit:
    My 120d 177hp 2007 is starting to lagg when I accelerate.
    Full gas pedal but the car doesn't accelerate smooth, instead of that it's like the car laggs, like small power losses every 2-3 seconds up to 3500rpm. The car has already been in for turbo repearment earlier this year.

    Ant one with the same problem?
    How did you solw it?
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    michel80 1er-Profi

    Dabei seit:
    hi kresimir,

    i´d like to give you the only advice that makes sence here, especially because your car has already been to the garage in a case, that could be the reason for your actual problems...

    go back to the same dealer and let them have a look. what you report could be the turbocharger again, perhaps anything within the fuel preparation system / air intake? but noone can tell because of the few facts we know...

    anyway - the problems you are talking about are not of a kind that makes you able to solve them on your own. I´m sorry - but that´s my honest opinion...

    but that should be no problem at all, because all damages on any of the 177 HP 120ds should still be covered by the guarantee for new cars!

    good luck! :!:

  4. #3 blueroadster, 29.03.2008

    blueroadster 1er-Profi

    Dabei seit:
    Hi kresimir,

    I agree with Michel, you should return to your usual dealer and tell him once again about your problem.

    You know that the 120d (FL) have very sensible turbos :wink: ,many of us have had problems identical to yours.
    I had a similar problem, the car wasn't acccelarating correctly. In fact, it wasn't the turbo, but only a little clapet in the air induction system.
    My dealer replaced it by a new one and in addition, the car received a new software versio. I can tell you that I feel like having a completely new car, although the lack of power could only be noticed twice or three times all along the first 15'000 km I made until then.

    So, don't worry, your dealer can help you! And don't forget, some guys in this forum have had the turbos replaces up to four!!! times.

    Kind regards


120d 177hp laggs when accelerating!

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